Crown body and soul LLC is a hair salon specializing in haircutting services for men, women and children of all hair types! 

1412 I -70 Drive SW 101 B. Located on the backside of the building; in the side parking lot next to Phoenix home care! At the end of the building On The left hand side of Bella massage.

 Questions? call: 573-303-1001

balancing energy, physically, And spiritually

"An innovative salon created to balance your energy from the crown to the soul. Here you can relax knowing that your crown, body and soul will be provided with the necessities needed to maintain every area of your life. Here at Crown, Body and Soul LLC we provide a wide range of hair care products, personal care and metaphysical care too. We offer hand crafted soaps, body lotions, candles, incense; spiritual tools such as crystals, sage sticks, palo santo sticks etc. oh and lets not forget you can get a haircut while your at it!

personal and spiritual care